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Why We’re Different

We’ve been paddling for years, but never have we come across a boat that was designed for our local waters with all the functions that we wanted. Growing up in Texas, most years we don’t have water and when we do, it is cherished. We wanted to design a boat that would not only float, but maneuver well in the shallowest water possible, even with a lot of weight on top. In addition to this we wanted it to be comfortable, stable and have the option to stand up and paddle as well. How could we do this? Take the best of both concepts and combine it. We made our boat thinner and wider, like a SUP board, but still left all the comforts, such as dry storage, wet storage, paddle and drink holders as well as a comfortable seat.

This allows you to stand up and paddle and fish, at your leisure. Yet when you catch a headwind, or it is time to really make tracks before the storm. You simply sit down, switch paddles and kayak back. The best vantage point to see into the water for fish is from the standing position, so why not be able to utilize this from a kayak?

The Sup-Yak is a hybrid of two great traditions: stand-up paddleboard surfing and kayaking. We believe its unique design offers the best of both worlds without sacrificing the joy of either.