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Out on the water, we want to stand up and fish, and also sit down and paddle. And, sometimes, we want to do the opposite. We needed a watercraft that let us do both, and we spent plenty of time out on the water thinking about the best way to make that work in one quality product.Go to Product Viewer

Inspired by the stability of stand-up paddleboards and the nimble maneuvering of kayaks, Diablo Paddlesports, working with consultant Tim Nemier of Wild Design and original founder of Ocean Kayak, and his associate, James Thomas, has been able to make this a reality. 

The first in their line of boats, The Adios, coming in at 12.5' long and 36" wide gives you all the capabilities of a sit-on-top kayak while giving you the stability and ease to stand-up paddle.  The Adios is a thermoform ABS watercraft that weighs 69 pounds and has a weight capacity of over 400 pounds!   

The Chupacabra, 10.5' L, 37" W and 56 lbs.  Just like its predecessor, this boat allows the paddler to sit or stand to paddle and fish, just in a smaller package. It can still handle plenty of weight without compromising draft, but appeals to smaller paddlers as well.

The Amigo is the newest addition to the Diablo Paddlesports fleet.  The Amigo comes in at 12'8"long and 37.5" wide weighing 75 pounds and is available in rec-grade plastic or aqua-tuff plastic polyethylene.  It has all of the stand-up capabilities as The Adios and The Chupacabra but since it is made out of a different material it drops the price point.